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Using VS Code to code in a remote server

In my current workplace, we deal with a lot of remote servers. From networking, to configuring tools, programming and deploying apps. The remote scene has taken center stage especially with the extended work from home orders brought about by the plight of Covid. In my current role, my tasks demands heavy usage of the command line and often heavy... Read more →

2 minute read

Deploy a static website to Firebase

Ever wondered how you can get your website out of localhost and into the web so your friends can view it? Well as most of you may be aware, Firebase is also a hosting platform apart from being the popular NoSQL database. In this tutorial, we will be setting up hosting for a very simple (but pretty) static site. DEMO Click here to copy/download... Read more →

1 minute read

How to deploy a local web app with database to Heroku

I wish I had known how to deploy an app when I was doing my final year project. Deployment was such a mystery to me back then. I had the notion that there was so much to do and polish before an app gets deployed and that thought always kept me from giving it a try. For the longest time now, I’ve had plans to deploy the web application I had bui... Read more →

3 minute read

How to create a draggable and resizable div

Most of the time you will find dialogs that are able to resize and be dragged. But this feature can also be applied to a shape in an editor or collapsible stacks. Whatever the element you wish to make resizable and/or draggable, it all starts with a simple div. Demo See the Pen Draggable and Resizable div with Vanilla JS by Chevvycherokee... Read more →

7 minute read

Simple CSS Typography

I have always been awed by CSS typography. I recently stumble upon Scrimba, a code learning website and was drawn to the typography displayed for the course title. Realizing it was something fairly easy to recreate, I jumped to Codepen and started typing out some CSS to create a similar text effect. You’ve probably seen this text effect in some ... Read more →

2 minute read