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How to deploy a local web app with database to Heroku

I wish I had known how to deploy an app when I was doing my final year project. Deployment was such a mystery to me back then. I had the notion that there was so much to do and polish before an app gets deployed and that thought always kept me from giving it a try. For the longest time now, I’ve had plans to deploy the web application I had bui... Read more →

3 minute read

How to create a draggable and resizable div

Most of the time you will find dialogs that are able to resize and be dragged. But this feature can also be applied to a shape in an editor or collapsible stacks. Whatever the element you wish to make resizable and/or draggable, it all starts with a simple div. Demo See the Pen Draggable and Resizable div with Vanilla JS by Chevvycherokee... Read more →

7 minute read

Simple CSS Typography

I have always been awed by CSS typography. I recently stumble upon Scrimba, a code learning website and was drawn to the typography displayed for the course title. Realizing it was something fairly easy to recreate, I jumped to Codepen and started typing out some CSS to create a similar text effect. You’ve probably seen this text effect in some ... Read more →

2 minute read

Creating Subdomains for Github Pages Hosted with Namecheap

For starters, a subdomain is basically an extension of your base domain. If you’re using GitHub Pages to host your website, the default domain that you get is <username>.github.io. If you want a custom domain, sites like Namecheap, GoDaddy, HostGator and many more of the like offer a wide variety of domain names that are up for grabs. An e... Read more →

2 minute read

Deploying a Laravel app to Heroku (with Heroku Postgres)

There are many ways to deploy an app to Heroku, depending on the type of application. Here is an easy way I found to deploy a Laravel app to Heroku with Heroku Postgres provisioned as the database. Contents: Prerequisites Create a new Laravel app Deploy application to Heroku Set config variables for the application Provisioning Herok... Read more →

4 minute read