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Creating Subdomains for Github Pages Hosted with Namecheap

For starters, a subdomain is basically an extension of your base domain. If you’re using GitHub Pages to host your website, the default domain that you get is <username>.github.io. If you want a custom domain, sites like Namecheap, GoDaddy, HostGator and many more of the like offer a wide variety of domain names that are up for grabs. An e... Read more →

2 minute read

Deploying a Laravel app to Heroku (with Heroku Postgres)

There are many ways to deploy an app to Heroku, depending on the type of application. Here is an easy way I found to deploy a Laravel app to Heroku with Heroku Postgres provisioned as the database. Contents: Prerequisites Create a new Laravel app Deploy application to Heroku Set config variables for the application Provisioning Herok... Read more →

4 minute read

Introduction to Git & GitHub Workshop

Yesterday, my team and I at IT Society hosted Introduction to Git and GitHub Workshop at MMU Cyberjaya. Rowena, who works as an Implementation Engineer at GitHub, has been gracious to come from afar to conduct the workshop for us. The workshop was a success. The workshop was off to a good start when the turn up rate was more than the usual 50% ... Read more →

4 minute read

Simple Accordion with JavaScript

Here’s a very quick tutorial on how to create a toggling accordion. This is what we will be creating: See the Pen Simple Accordion by Chevvycherokee (@chevvycherokee) on CodePen. The HTML First, we create a list item. <ul> <li>One</li> <li>Two</li> <li>Three</li> </ul> Then... Read more →

3 minute read

Goodbye Blogger, Hello Jekyll

Blogger days I have been using Blogger eversince I started blogging in 2011. To gain more flexibility in editing my Blogger theme, I reverted to the classic theme but this also stripped me from the other options that were available for use with Blogger’s own templates. That included widgets, plugins and even pages. Not to mention the classic th... Read more →

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